Domestic Partnerships

Domestic partnerships have been recognized in Nevada. Domestic partners are now treated similarly to married couples. When same-sex couples decide to separate ways, they will have to deal with many of the same legal issues as married couples.

I am Marta L. Presti, an experienced attorney focused exclusively on family law. I have handled contested and uncontested divorces, long before domestic partnerships were even recognized in Nevada. If you are seeking to dissolve your domestic partnership, you can feel confident that I will take the right steps to help secure your legal rights. I will apply my years of experience and legal skills to address the legal implications of dissolving a domestic partnership.

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Pursuing an Equitable Distribution of Community Property

Similar to a divorce proceeding, any property you and your domestic partner owned together will be divided equitably when the two of you separate. This does not necessarily mean a 50/50 split. Instead, you and your estranged domestic partner are entitled to an equal value of your partnership property. One of you, for example, could maintain the family home, while the other one could keep the car and other property equaling the same value of the family home.

The challenge is to determine what assets and debts are considered part of your partnership. I am highly skilled in working with forensic accountants to understand how your finances were handled and determine the extent of your joint assets such as:

  • Family home, vacation properties or real estate investments
  • Cars, motorcycle, boat and ATV
  • Savings, stocks and retirement plans
  • Collectables, antiques and jewelry

A relatively straightforward case could pose a challenge if individual assets were commingled with the partnership property. I will evaluate your financial records to understand if you maintained your individual assets separate from your joint finances. Any assets obtained before the domestic partnership was established may be subject to a division, if the assets were commingled with the partnership property.

Domestic Partnerships

Addressing Child Custody and Child Support Concerns

When children are involved, the dissolution of a domestic partnership can become particularly challenging with a heightened sense of emotions. I offer a rational, yet compassionate approach focused on acting in the children’s best interests. Every situation is unique. Child custody and visitation could depend on each partner’s status as an adoptive or natural parent.

Similar to a divorce, the parent given primary custody would be entitled to obtain child support payments from the other parent. I offer a comprehensive approach focused on understanding the terms agreed to when the domestic partnership was established. I am committed to protecting your rights, while acting in your children’s best interests.