Temporary Protection Orders

I represent people seeking temporary protection orders (TPOs) to put an end to domestic abuse as well as people who need to defend themselves against them. Domestic violence cases are emotionally-charged, making it important to have a lawyer on your side who can cut through the emotions and provide sound advice.

I work closely with my clients, letting them know exactly where they stand as I seek to ensure that their rights and the interests of their children are being fully protected.

To learn more about your options regarding temporary protection orders, contact me today to schedule an appointment at my comfortable Reno law office.

Do You Need a TPO or Restraining Order?

If you are being abused, you should seek a TPO immediately. They are relatively easy for women to secure in cases of alleged domestic violence and do not initially require the assistance of an attorney. For men allegedly being abused by a woman, fair or not, they are slightly more difficult to acquire. These orders expire in 30 days unless there is a motion made and a full hearing to look into the underlying allegations.