How to win an wrongful death car accident case

Car accidents are the type of personal injury cases leading to most fatalities within the US. Both passengers and pedestrians can die if involved in such a misfortunate event, so you should keep your eyes open no matter if you are on the road or on the sidewalk. Because of that, new road safety laws are passed every year, intending to help limit the number of fatalities due to car collisions.
Personal Injury Lawyers - car accident attorneys
Traffic deaths can be caused by various factors, that is why if you lose a loved one in an accident, you must immediately consult a negligence lawyer and ask for your rights and a case evaluation, as they depend on the circumstances of how the death by car accident occurred.

The main reasons for the occurrence of tragic auto collision deaths are:
1) Reasons related to the car drivers and the other road users that contributed to the collision.
2) Reasons related to the car model and its current state at the time of the accident
3) Reasons, that influenced the normal driver’s level of skill. They can be: consumption of alcohol or drugs, age factor, distracted driving caused by texting or talking and physical impairment
4) Speeding or driving too slow on a highway
5) The road condition and the surrounding environment etc.

Death due to an car accident

After you have lost your security and your companionship in a car collision the best thing to do is to seek immediate legal help. Death by a car accident cases are not so simple to deal with as it may seem. You have to fill in a lot of paperwork and provide evidence. If you do not have a lawyer by your side to support you through the process, you may fall for the tricks of the negligent party’s insurers or ruin your case due to other accident lawyers

If you want to find the top-rated car collision death lawyer in the area you live in without wasting a lot of time in the search process, you can call us for a free consultation. Do not give up the case in the beginning, if you fight till the end you will be able to obtain high monetary restitution to financially secure your future.

Temporary Protection Orders

I represent people seeking temporary protection orders (TPOs) to put an end to domestic abuse as well as people who need to defend themselves against them. Domestic violence cases are emotionally-charged, making it important to have a lawyer on your side who can cut through the emotions and provide sound advice.

I work closely with my clients, letting them know exactly where they stand as I seek to ensure that their rights and the interests of their children are being fully protected.

To learn more about your options regarding temporary protection orders, contact me today to schedule an appointment at my comfortable Reno law office.

Do You Need a TPO or Restraining Order?

If you are being abused, you should seek a TPO immediately. They are relatively easy for women to secure in cases of alleged domestic violence and do not initially require the assistance of an attorney. For men allegedly being abused by a woman, fair or not, they are slightly more difficult to acquire. These orders expire in 30 days unless there is a motion made and a full hearing to look into the underlying allegations.

Legal SeparationIn today’s complex world, a divorce is not always the best option even when a marriage has apparently run its course. Whether it is due to your religious beliefs, spending habits or the health insurance needs of your spouse, a legal separation agreement may be the better option for you in lieu of divorce.

At the Law Offices of Marta L. Presti, Attorney at Law in Reno, Nevada, I have helped separating couples protect their interests during difficult times. I listen closely to my clients and provide them with the sound advice I would hope to receive if I were in their position: a realistic assessment of their options and the likely outcome of each.

To learn more about your options for legal separation, contact me today to schedule an appointment.

How Does a Legal Separation Agreement Work?

In many aspects, a legal separation agreement is the same as a divorce. To receive a separation, the couple must seek a maintenance decree in which they separate assets and allocate debts. The marriage remains legal, thus allowing you to comply with religious beliefs or maintain your current insurance coverage. If a legal separation turns out not to be best for either spouse, it can be converted into a divorce action.

In addition to religious and health reasons, there may be other good reasons for choosing a separation rather than a divorce. Someone may want to separate from a spouse who has a gambling problem, shopping addiction or substance abuse issue in order to opt out of the community property system that splits all assets and debts down the middle. Liability as a spouse ends at the point in which the separate maintenance agreement is filed, if it so provides.