Legal SeparationIn today’s complex world, a divorce is not always the best option even when a marriage has apparently run its course. Whether it is due to your religious beliefs, spending habits or the health insurance needs of your spouse, a legal separation agreement may be the better option for you in lieu of divorce.

At the Law Offices of Marta L. Presti, Attorney at Law in Reno, Nevada, I have helped separating couples protect their interests during difficult times. I listen closely to my clients and provide them with the sound advice I would hope to receive if I were in their position: a realistic assessment of their options and the likely outcome of each.

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How Does a Legal Separation Agreement Work?

In many aspects, a legal separation agreement is the same as a divorce. To receive a separation, the couple must seek a maintenance decree in which they separate assets and allocate debts. The marriage remains legal, thus allowing you to comply with religious beliefs or maintain your current insurance coverage. If a legal separation turns out not to be best for either spouse, it can be converted into a divorce action.

In addition to religious and health reasons, there may be other good reasons for choosing a separation rather than a divorce. Someone may want to separate from a spouse who has a gambling problem, shopping addiction or substance abuse issue in order to opt out of the community property system that splits all assets and debts down the middle. Liability as a spouse ends at the point in which the separate maintenance agreement is filed, if it so provides.